About Us

WSO Organization

A humanitarian, medical, and non-governmental organization concerned with promoting amputees’ welfare by providing free-of-charge prostheses and rehabilitation services for amputee patients, especially in areas of war, conflict, and natural disasters. It was established in 2021 AD with charitable endeavors, and from its founding until now Will Steps Organization has sought to reach the injured inside Syrian and Turkish territories without discrimination between religion, race, color, language, or nationality, it has been, over the years, a humanitarian bridge that contributes to achieving health safety for peoples.

Our vision and goals

Providing a better life

Providing a better life for amputees by providing completely free prosthetic limb fitting services and comprehensive rehabilitation programs

Helping people with permanent disabilities

Helping people with permanent disabilities who have had their limbs amputated and contributing to alleviating their suffering and transferring them from the circle of disabled people to the circle of producers.

Providing comprehensive

Providing comprehensive rehabilitation programs that include physical, psychological, and social therapy to help improve patients’ lives.

Promote awareness

Promoting awareness about disability issues and encouraging the community to support patients in their journey towards recovery and rehabilitation.