Elixir Physical Therapy Center

Physical treatment

One of the Will Steps Organization centers, opened in Istanbul in 2021, with the aim of providing advanced and integrated physical therapy services to patients free of charge., it is the first in the city of Istanbul in regards of containing the latest precise and advanced quality devices with great effectiveness to treat and rehabilitate patients in a purely scientific and specialized manner.

What types of medical conditions are treated at Elixir Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center?

Medical devices in the center

Other services also provided by the “ Elixir Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center ” :

–        Specialized physical therapy for females, children and males.

–        Increasing the level of specialized physical therapy for people with amputations before and after installing a prosthetic limb.

–        Providing physical therapy for patients with Musculo & skeletal injuries, in addition to balance exercises, motor coordination, and muscle exercises for various cases.

We would like to point out that the Elixir Specialized Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation provides all its specialized medical services at advanced levels (physical therapy – rehabilitation) completely free of charge.

The Elixir Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation” is considered an important qualitative step towards providing medical centers with the scientific expertise necessary for this specialty.