Our Services

Will Steps Prostheses

The center was dedicated to be the largest specialized center for prosthetic limb fitting and manufacturing in the Middle East, where every department within the center has been designed in a sequential manner by a team of experts affiliated with Will Steps Prosthetics (WSP).

The Center offers free specialized and advanced medical services in the field of prosthetics includes the manufacturing and fitting of all types of prosthetic limbs (above the knee – below the knee – above the elbow – below the elbow). In addition, the center provides psychological and social support and contains a department for physiotherapy, where the patient Rehabilitation happens and receives the proper training to enable them to make use of the new limb with the most comfort, mobility, and functionality.

Number of beneficiaries:  2466

Elixir Physical Therapy

One of the Will Steps Organization centers, opened in Istanbul in 2021, with the aim of providing advanced and integrated physical therapy services to patients free of charge., it is the first in the city of Istanbul in regards of containing the latest precise and advanced quality devices with great effectiveness to treat and rehabilitate patients in a purely scientific and specialized manner.

Number of beneficiaries:  416

A Turkish association licensed by the Turkish Associations Department since 17/06/2021 AD and supervised by the Ministry of Interior in the Turkish government, and meets all the required legal, judicial and accounting conditions and conditions.